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"Select The Right 'Limbs' To Take Your Company To New Heights"
1. Guidelines For Interviewing: An exceptional outline of the "do's and don'ts" of interviewing. Includes the preparation, best questions to ask, making the final decision, legalities and more!
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2. Why Good Recruiters Are Worth What They Charge: A two page article from The Fordyce Letter publication that puts the need for using a search firm in proper perspective!

3. EEOC Guidelines and Hiring and the Law: Two short summaries that every hiring authority should have!

4. Resume Tip For Today: A great outline that details the focus and objectives of a resume.

5. H-1B Visas, Hiring Aliens: Read what is required to employ individuals with visas and green cards.

6. Non-Compete Agreements: Great articles outlining these agreements and their enforceability.

7. Samples of Elite's Interviewing Summaries: Ask for and we'll send you samples of the detailed reports we compile and provide with each candidate we recommend.

8. Search Agreement Descriptions: One page, brief explanations on each of the three types of search formats (Exclusive, Guaranteed, Executive) offered by Elite.

9. Sample Offer Letter: Refer to this sample when preparing one of your own.

10. Elite Potpourri: The most recent two page volume of facts of interest related to the human resource field and summaries of surveys and findings for managers and executives!

11. Defining Independent Contractors vs. Employees: A great article that discusses the critical issues that define the relationship.

12. Transition Management: Excellent article on dealing with employee termination, whether through layoffs, firings or corporate reorganizations.

13. Common Resume Blunders: Tips for writing a very good resume.
14. Components of an Offer Letter:  You should document the offer with all employees.
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