"Discover The Business Expense That Actually Appreciates In Value"

 Chose either an Exclusive, Guarantee, or Executive Search Plan
Elite offers three types of Agreements to govern an assignment.
An Exclusive Search makes Elite the only source for candidates and can require a cancellation charge. A Guaranteed Search does not require exclusivity, but does involve an initial payment with the balance due only upon a successful search conclusion. An Executive Search is both a service and search agreement that requires exclusivity, retainer and progress payments. This method is usually selected for vital, urgent, confidential assignments at the executive level.
We recommend the Master version of any of the above to obtain a fee reduction.

Services---Second To None
Elite's focus is to work as an extension of your administrative reach allowing you to concentrate on the day-to-day operation of your business, while we concentrate on the time-consuming task of finding candidates. We will acquire a full understanding of the assignment and institute a targeted intensive custom recruiting effort to identify the best available candidates in a short period of time. We will assist you throughout the entire process until we reach a successful conclusion.

To Our Candidates
Elite provides thorough assistance and counseling to insure that each individual is fully informed of the position, organization and opportunity. Our process requires open communication that promotes trust and understanding among all involved. We take to heart the responsibility of stepping into your life and endeavor to do everything right. In the end, we will assist the selected candidate into an opportunity to advance their career.
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